Our standards

The VELECO brand has been at the forefront of luxury electric scooter manufacturers for many years. Thanks to our experience, we have been able to create products that meet every user's needs regardless of age and fitness.When working on production, we focus on making our product characterized by exceptional workmanship, versatility and functionality as well as a modern look. That's why we make each vehicle for you manually, assembling it in our workshops, with attention to all details, and then we subject it to careful control and undergoes a series of functional and reliability tests. All this is done in cooperation with a team of qualified specialists: engineers, mechanics and testers. In the manufacture of scooters, we make sure that they are tailored to the needs of the elderly and those with reduced fitness. Our vehicles are also powered by electric motors, making them environmentally friendly means of transport. The combination of all these features means that VELECO products are recognized by customers throughout Europe.


The quality and performance of our scooters are a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction.


VELECO products and services have been recognized by customers throughout Europe.

Authorized service

Our scooters are assembled in our workshops from scratch, in cooperation with a team of mechanical engineers and testers. The production process carried out in this way allows us to take care of the quality of our service, where vehicle control is carried out with the participation of people responsible for their creation.

Friendly to the elderly

We place an emphasis on ensuring that the vehicle meets the expectations of every user. We meet the problems of everyday life, which struggle with the elderly and reduced fitness. We strive to make the functionality of our scooters could improve everyone's life.


To provide high quality services, we run a helpline for you, in which our consultants will answer questions and dispel doubts related to the purchase and selection of a product.


In addition to reliability and quality, VELECO scooters also have a modern and elegant look.