Maximum speed 8 mph
Range when driving without stops 37 mi / 59 km
Length 62.9 in / 160 cm
Width 27.1 in / 69 cm
Height 41.3 in / 105 cm
Total weight 19 st /126 kg
Weight of parts that can be dismantled or removed Batteries: 4st / 30 kg
Ability to climb hills 25 °
Engine 1000 W
Batteries 20 Ah
Nominal voltage (battery) 5 x 12 V
Battery charger 8 A (outside)

Our four-wheeled electric mobility scooters are good for those who want a reliable, easy to use and stable vehicle. These quality mobility scooters will add ease and simplicity to your life! The four-wheel electric mobility scooter FASTER is ideal for the elderly or people who have difficulty with mobility.

ECONOMY – Lead-acid gel battery allows you to drive up to 35mi / 50km on a single charge. Driving on an electric scooter You can save up to 2000 GBP. 100 miles will cost you only 1 GBP!

SAFETY – Our scooter is extra stable and is the most advanced, innovative 4-wheel scooter of our time. Front and rear suspension, insuring a safe parking and driving experience. Hazard lights and Automatic magnetic motor brake system insuring a safe ride; It also has a parking brake and reverse gear.

A SPACIOUS STORAGE – We offer modern lockable space under the seat and separate shopping trunk at the back.

COMPREHENSIVE LIGHTING – FASTER has full lighting, so you can feel safe anywhere and anytime:

  • turn signals
  • low beam lights
  • high beam
  • brake lights
  • emergency lights

COMFORTABLE SEAT – Comfortable sitting position Mounted on the scooter armrests and a comfortable seat ensure a comfortable driving position

  • movable armrests
  • adjustable seat – front/back position